Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

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Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management, or 3PM, is made up of three separate but intertwined management disciplines that when integrated allow your organization to select and manage the right programs and projects yielding the highest Return on Investment (ROI). iTech AG 3PM consultants will help you answer the following questions when analyzing your work on all three levels:




How am I selecting my programs and projects and then how am I measuring their performance once they are selected? Do I understand when my resources are over allocated across my portfolio of programs and projects?




Do I have a reliable Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) that documents all the key cross program dependencies across the projects? How do I manage the program level risks that get aggregated up from the projects?




How am I managing my project to make sure it is delivered on time, within budget, and delivers the agreed upon scope?


When implemented correctly, 3PM aligns resources and activities to meet organizational objectives and strategies while helping to maximize portfolio potential and reduce risk. Our 3PM service scales to support Enterprise Project/Program Management Office (EPMO) initiatives that need to have insight at both the macro and micro levels of their services.

iTech AG consultants will help you be able to “pull the thread all the way through” your organization, by selecting the right projects and programs, correctly managing them during the execution, and delivering beneficial reports to your executive sponsors on a recurring basis until the effort is complete.

We tailor 3PM services to your organization’s needs, which include support in recommending Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools based on your PMO’s business requirements, assessing your current PMO processes with the PPM tool(s) you have already acquired, or focusing on a specific area such as Integrated Master Scheduling or Earned Value Management.


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Agile PMO

The development of Agile processes, that have been implemented by our Federal and Commercial clients, have introduced new ways of thinking about Program and Project Management. This has had a direct impact on how Program and/or Project Management Offices (PMOs) operate after being established.

iTech AG’s approach to standing up and managing an Agile PMO support processes that include planning in detail for short term horizon and re-planning at frequent intervals, based on continuous re-assessment of priorities and value of potential deliverables. If integrated into your PMO correctly, these Agile processes will provide your project managers and other stakeholders critical information that will allow them to understand how Agile Project Management works, therefore driving towards adoption of a successful office.

Certain PMO artifacts will still be needed regardless of Traditional or Agile PMO such as a schedule, budget, risks/issues, and managing stakeholder expectations. iTech AG can help introduce new artifacts that will increase the productivity of your Agile PMO such as the right Agile tool based on your business needs that will integrate with your existing PMO tools.

For those organizations that are operating under an Enterprise PMO structure, a majority of the time, there are a mix of project and program types that are managed under the EPMO’s direction. No matter what the level (Portfolio, Program, or Project) or the size of your organization, delivering “on demand” reports to all different levels of your business is one of the key factors in determining whether your PMO implementation is a successful one or not.


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Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

iTech AG supports various government agencies through Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) process. iTech’s CPIC practice helps agencies employ and improve their decision-making process to ensure IT investments integrate strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, and the management of IT projects that truly support mission and business needs.

How can iTech AG help you?

iTech AG , by utilizing the Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) Framework, provides guidance through both classroom training and on the ground consulting to either implement your current CPIC Process or develop of a CPIC process tailored to meet your business unit’s needs, ensuring alignment with strategic goals, regulatory and legislative guidance.

iTech AG provides training and support in the development of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) documents related to project management activities to stand up the project and provide expertise in the development of solid budgets, spend plans, risk management, burn rate tracking of labor, contractors, software, hardware and licenses, dashboard, repetitive and ad-hoc reporting.

iTech AG supports full cycle monitoring to ensure that investments are spent in the most effective manner. We support the necessary reporting frameworks such as business cases, baseline financial and integrated schedule management, health assessments, dashboards and other various government reporting needs.

iTech AG brings experience in the following areas:

  • Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) Process Support

  • Business Case Development & Analysis

  • Alternatives Definition & Analysis

  • Investment Scoring & Prioritization

  • Exhibit 300s & 53s Preparation, Training, Reviews, Scoring, and Submission

  • Monthly Exhibit 300B Preparation, Review, and Submission

  • Development and Implementation of Financial Tools to Plan, Monitor, and Track Funding and Spending

  • CPIC Guidance & Thought Leadership

  • Budget Formulation, Justification, Management, Tracking, and Analysis

  • Risk Management Support

Want to learn more about CPIC? Watch our brief tutorial:


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Earned Value Management (EVM)

Earned Value Management (EVM) is more than just one unique project management process or technique. It is an umbrella term for 32 guidelines that define a set of requirements that a Project/Program management system must meet. Fundamentally, this management process will provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems throughout all phases of a project/program’s life cycle.

Whether you are a government organization looking to implement EVM on an investment to comply with oversight reporting, or a company that is looking to obtain ANSI/EIA-748 certification, iTech AG is your ideal partner in this important endeavor. iTech AG assists clients in updating and aligning their existing processes so that they meet their reporting needs. We have extensive experience developing proven, and ANSI/EIA-748 compliant, EVMS designs that our clients have adopted and turned into live systems used to manage their work on a daily basis.

iTech AG will guide you through each phase of our EVMS process.


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Master Scheduling

The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is an invaluable tool to the Program Manager, who at all times needs to be aware of current status and what direction the program is heading. If developed and managed correctly, the IMS is the most comprehensive, forward-looking, and predictive program management tool available to any program team.

iTech AG master scheduling consultants have real world experience creating and managing Integrated Master Schedules which allow the programs teams we support, to utilize the tool to manage their programs effectively. Our Agile approach to scheduling separates us from our competition by allowing us to respond to the realities of change quickly and efficiently through our schedule management process. Our master schedulers learn your business effortlessly and then produce comprehensive IMS reports that are imperative for making informed programmatic decisions.

We understand the importance and need to have fully integrated schedules across multiple projects and matrixed organizations to ensure the progress of large scale programs can be accurately measured and assessed. Our team is well versed in developing Schedule Management Plans and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure processes and procedures are uniform and consistent across all areas of your organization. iTech AG can also assess existing schedules and quickly make necessary modifications to provide a more manageable and successful program that is compliant with scheduling Best Practices.

Our IMS consultants are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI-SP) and are thought leaders in the industry. We actively participate in expert forums to ensure that our team is up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices within the scheduling community.


  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Development & Maintenance

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Creation

  • Control Account & Work Package Identification

  • Critical Path Identification & Management

  • Resource Loading & Leveling

  • Integrated Schedules with Additional Project Management Tools

  • Schedule Analysis to ensure adherence to the DCMA 14-Point Assessment and GAO’s 10 Best Scheduling Practices

  • Business Intelligence Reports

  • PERT Chart Analysis


  1. Microsoft Project & Project Server

  2. Primavera P6

  3. Deltek Open Plan

  4. Milestones Professional

  5. OnePager Pro

  6. Masterlink

Do you know the value of an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)? Watch our brief video.


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Organizational Readiness & Change Management

A Holistic Approach to Change

Having the right change management strategy is important for your organization to be ready for change or transformation. Whether change is people, process, or technology related, even the best planned and managed programs could fail. Environmental factors of your organization, if left unaccounted for, could pose as barriers to change, resisting the successful program implementation and costing millions of dollars in wasted resources.

iTech AG Can Help Your Organization Be Ready

There are multiple factors that can influence the success of program implementations. By understanding these components, iTech AG consultants have devised a multi-faceted approach to organizational change management. Our process provides an examination of the organization and helps lead the change from within. Each solution is customized to the client organization as no two organizations are exactly the same.

Success Through Organizational Change Management

Change management is equally important to a program’s successful completion as program management. With change management barriers are identified and addressed. The change is implemented in sized phases that are consumable for the organization. Resistance is met and mitigated through education and training, and the workforce is armed with the necessary skills and resources to successfully utilize the new way of doing business. iTech AG change management practitioners will help your organization transform into the intended vision of the program.


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PPM Tool Analysis & Support

In today’s marketspace, both Business and IT leaders more so than ever need to gain visibility into their portfolio of investments. Implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool that is right for your organization will provide benefits such as increased project delivery success, reduced over spending, faster project turn times, reduced “little to no value projects”, and streamlined data through Business Intelligence. Whether you are a large government agency or a company that is growing rapidly, having the capability to “pull the thread all the way through” your organization is something that should be welcomed by all levels of your business.

iTech AG has created a phased approach for how we will work with your organization starting with gathering your requirements through Go Live of your selected PPM tool. Our PPM consultants have experience with several different PPM tools and have led successful implementations of these products that our clients are currently relying on to conduct and manage their business operations today. We offer both On-Premise and Cloud PPM deployment options depending on your organization’s current or planned future state environment.

We have a four phase approach that we have implemented for our clients when they are looking to move towards a PPM solution that includes acquiring a new tool:


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Project & Program Management

Program and Project Management services are critical for high impact, time constrained programs and projects that are instrumental to your organization's success. We provide the perfect blend of proven PMBOK PM principles that are tailored to specifically fit your IT or Business environment. Our consultants have managed a wide variety of programs and projects including large IT modernization efforts, enhancing legacy systems that are in O&M, and massive migrations from one platform to another to name a few.

The Program and Project Management consultants that we employ are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) by the Project Management Institute (PMI). They have hands-on experience managing teams that range from a variety of skill sets. We can come into your environment and implement a PM process from scratch, or look at ways to enhance your current processes, which will lead to delivering programs and projects on-time, within budget, and with the highest level of quality.


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Business Analyst and Process Re-Engineering

At iTech AG we will work together with our business customers to recreate core business processes geared towards goals such as improving product output, quality, and reducing costs. With the pace of technology changing faster than ever before, business analysis and process engineering is more relevant. 

Our BAs and BPEs are industry proven, certified consultants, that have hands-on experience supporting various federal and commercial programs and projects. Our team will immediately provide value by documenting your current business state, and quickly providing recommendations about future state processes that will align with your strategic vision. We will work with all areas in your organization that will be impacted by the modernized business process, to perform training and answer any questions prior to making this critical change, which will improve your way of doing business today.