Financial Services

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iTech AG Financial Services

iTech AG financial analysts support our clients’ diverse needs. We can advise CFOs and executive leadership with strategic business advice to add value and maintain regulatory compliance, as well as provide accounting professionals who can support your payments process. We gather, interpret and deliver results to advance your corporation or agency’s future and maintain balance sheets through innovative solutions in strategy, operations, analytics, performance management, and reporting.


financial Services


iTech AG financial analysts understand the payments business across the value chain for all payment types, from legacy paper checks to newly improved automated clearing house (ACH) channels to the cloud technologies and software that enables real-time payment tracking and processing being utilized around the world. We recognize that accurate billing, rapid collection, and reconciliation is vital to operations and corporate health. iTech AG provides complete business management services to meet agency’s and corporation’s accounting and finance needs.


financial Services

Regulatory Support/Compliance

iTech AG helps organizations comply with financial management mandates and standards by first identifying all relevant requirements and then distilling the requirements into comprehensible guidance. Our framework uncovers and addresses risk and enables our clients to successfully manage their compliance responsibilities in an ongoing fashion. We analyze the legislative agenda and current trends to advise our customers on key developments and potential upcoming implications. We provide methods to maintain compliance and continue operating within the confines of market developments and federal or state authorities.